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Does your CV show your best?

I reckon that the subject of CV's is the most subjective in recruitment. Ask 100 recruiters their thoughts and you'd probably get 100 different answers on what "good" looks like. I've seen my fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly - but I've done my research with key decision makers (ie your next manager) to get an understanding of what works!

Remember the old K.I.S.S concept? I'm not a fan of using the word stupid so I like to refer to Keep It Simple Sunshine - think of the one key objective of your CV and don't overcomplicate it. It's simply a document to get you from application to interview - so how come it causes so much headache?

I bet it's often the emotion around applying for roles - I don't know about you but when I see a role that looks amazing I want to get my application in pronto! Sometimes the advertisement has a laundry list of requirements (recruiters - we need to stop doing this) and you wonder how you are going to address them all (we need to stop thinking we need to) or there is very little information that you don't even know where to begin! Add in a dose of imposter monster and it's all too much.

I don't believe in one size fits all but I do think you should have a core document that you can add/subtract information depending on the situation. In 2021, my biggest tip would be to keep the reader in mind - use language that is easy to understand (think of how you would explain what you do to your nan), use achievements that include numbers/dollars, and think future tense. Remember that the reader is looking for what you will do for them in the future. Use action verbs that demonstrate how you will make a difference at your next employer.

Remember the words you want to use in your CV are right in front of you in the advertisement!

Good luck job seekers.

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